Monday, 28 February 2011

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag..

Free shipping/delivery always pulls me in.
Elf is a cosmetics brand which generally only stocks cheaper make-up. Some of its products featured in the studio line and a bit more than what I deam "cheap" but are a bit less than many of the main stream highstreet products. It has three sections, the main line which every item is £1.50, a mineral line where products vary around £3 and a studio where most are £3.50 with a few exception a bit above.
Ive ordered from Elf several times over the years and know a bit about the lines they carry so when they over free delivery on their facebook page, I already know what kind of things I want to go for. This little lot came to £11.50 and I think its quite a lot for that. This actually came on Saturday, taking only one day to deilver so each product has been tested enough for a mini review:)
  • The Elf studio brush( the only brush purchased in this order) in a densly packed flat top brush. Its bristles are extremely soft and ive had no shedding what so ever.
  • The Mauve luxe lipliner appeared nude on the website( do not trust website swatchs, always check blogs) but is actually a metallic browny red. It serves well as a lipliner but is not what I really wanted.
  • The Blush and bronzer duo is nice. Its nothing spectacular but does what I want it too. It would be nicer if the bronzer was matt as at times it can look like you just shoved shimmer on your face.
  • The two lipsticks are both pigmented and creamy. The red broke during first use as the packaging is to be for the actual lisptick but other than that, it is lovely deep red.

I haven't been buying much recently, trying to limit myself and not spend anything. Its hard.:(


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture we see?

Whilst make-up and Lush consume alot of my life:)I am a massive film geek. There has been times when Ive been once a week and I thought I'd do a couple of reviews of films currently out or out on DVD.

The first being Paul, as its forced itself at the top of the blog( Photo from google).

  • Clever script and writers make it enjoyable throughout.
  • Casting Seth Rogan as is an extremely clever choice as he seems to have a golden touch with films.
  • Despite it obviously being a comedy, there were clear tear jerking moments and the characters are easily relatable to.
  • Believable lies, it offers answers to many of the alien type questions many may have.

  • A nice take on a classic tale.
  • Good choice to feature an anti-hero rather than the classic tall dark and handsome disney choice.
  • A story about a sheltered girl who has been lied to, of which some could relate.

Despicable me
  • Extremely funny.
  • Child easily compared to Boo from Monsters inc.
  • Minions, a fantastic addition and vital to the comedy/cute factor the film possesses.
  • Excellent voice acting my Steve Carrel, another one of my favourite actors.

Little fockers
  • Not as funny as the previous installments, but this often common in sequels.
  • Good acting, but was almost sad to see the characters ageing.

Hope this helped:)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review: Blistex intensive moisturiser for the lips.

After last Satursdays incident with the rain and cold my lips were the worst they had been. As the week progressed nothing was helping them, and I think the lipbalms were actually making them worse. It got to the point where there was an open sore, and a very painful open sore.

After suffering with this pain for a few days I decided to venture to my local chemist. Typically, my local is tiny, and only had 3 lipbalms so I had little choice. Fortunately after watching the adverts featured on TV for the above product I had already decided I was going to get it, and they had it ( que happy but suprised face ).

I applied this straight away and my lips were instantely soothed. It was like putting a plaster on them and when I let me lips touch it wasn't painful. I kept applying it onceit had wore off(but this takes a while) and my lips have never felt so moistursied before.

I bought it yesterday so im sure you can understand why this deserves a post and review dedicated to it so soon after purchase. If anyone is suffering from sore lips and the conventional vaseline or Lush lipbalm isn't helping then have a look at this.I got it for £ 2.54... best £2.54 I ever spent.


Friday, 25 February 2011

Review: Space girl and Twilight ballistic

There are so many products out in the market right now and I think only featuring one in a post, in a waste on a post. So now I shall try to create double reviews and thus in turn helping (hopefully) more people.
The twilght ballistic is a pink with purpled understoned ballistic and retails for around £3. Its one of the larger ballistics and came out last summer. I think it has bubble bar shavings within it so it fizzes and foams, eliminating the need for a bubble bar.
  • The smell is relaxing,think lavender and the warm scent of food.
  • Its large, so you could split it into two.
  • It turns the bath a lovely shade of purple.


  • Its a bit expensive compared to the other ballistics
  • It fizzes for ages, which I found a bit annoying.

The spacegirl retails for just under £2 and was also introduced last year. It smells of blackcurrent and sweets( the blackcurrant isnt strong). Featured inside are popping rocks, which crackle once the ballistic is almost
  • Turns the bath water a deep purple.
  • Reasonably moistursing.


  • The smell went and doesn't last on the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this double review! Both photos came off google and you can buy the above products from The website is back now after a hacking incident, which is good for us Lush fans!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cooking with Chelsey

Mixing 100g of caster sugar and 100g of butter( I used Flora as its more healthy) :)

Mixed together, light yellow and ready to add eggs and flour.
Added 2 eggs and 100g of flour, with a couple of drops of food dye.

And done! They were the best ive made and have already been consumed by my family. I love cooking and recently have been getting into it again. Specialities include Spag bol and Bacon Carbanara:) Anyone have any specialities?


We are family......

My sister ventured round my house last night and I wanted to have a play around with my new UD naked pallete..kirsty volunteered/got forced to let me plaster her face in make-up.
It was interesting. I wasn't accustomed to putting make-up on anyone, and she wasn't used to having people put make-up on her. But it turn't out well. Her skin and face shape is completely different than mine, and notice that we look nothing alike. Her eyelinds are alot more hooded, meaning when putting on eyeliner on her lashline, I couldn't make it to think or it would go onto her brow bone. Thats why there is a lot of unevenesss.
Face- Rimmel Lasting finish foundation, Collection 2000 powder.
Eyes- Urban decay primer potion, Urban decay eyeshadow in Virgin,Sin,Sidecar and Smog. Maybelline gel eyeliner and Rimmel Lash accelarator.
Lips: MAC angel lipstick and Elf lipgloss in bubblegum.
Im planning on having a cooking day today. I love cooking, and recently been on cupcake spree and I think I may document.
Cross your fingers I don't burn the house down;)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Take a chance on me..

Yes I am posting two posts in a day. Thats how I roll( refer to pastry joke and feel free to laugh) :)

  • Interview went well and I revealed my blog to the boss man. So.. Hi Matt! Hope you like it.
  • No-one really knows about my blog, or if they do they don't know how to find it so it was rather weird formally linking blog life and real life together.

  • I got very cold and wet on the way home and was going to eat a million callories and munch down on a McDonalds, but due to half term, and some very annoying children the misson proved unsucessfull.
  • I got pic-a-mix instead, probably equally as unhealthy but a nice reminder of the sweets I gorged in my childhood. Unfortunately, I now sit round my sisters and despite getting a good amount, much of them are now working there way through her digestive system.

Thats about it really. I did go into boots and look at the new number 17 bits and bobs. The palletes look lovely but the eyeshadows are very loosely pressed and flakey. So unless you want gold eyeshadow all over your face then they may not be the best thing to buy.

I also looked in Lush. Despite those on the Lush facebook page making outlandish claims of the new products and a new lush times being out, neither were. :(

Because I hate doing posts without photos, featured above is the cake I made for my sisters bday a couple of months ago( it tasted yums) and me and the sis outside a shakesperean house in Stratford upon avon, but unfortunately Ive forgetten what it was ! Despite my sister being 7 years older than me, im a lot taller:)


Im on the right track, baby I was born this way!

Ive got another interview today:) At a smoothie bar which im super exicted about. I think it would suit me, im a big fan of smoothies and generally experimenting with my beverages and hopefully they'll like me:) For every interview, my outfit changes slightly. I origanally stuck with a white shirt and trousers when I first began the interview process back in November but I soon realised that different bussinesses what different things. This is my take today. Casual yet smart. Showing some of my personality, without my messy hair and bright lipsitck.
I have noticed a new type of blog post going round, how much is your face and I thought it would be interesting to have a look. In recent months I have gradually built up a new and more expensive collection. A detox of sort.
The photo above involves every piece of make-up used on my face today. Some are on the cheaper side, the powder-£2, Mascara- £4( when I bought) Foundaton-£6 and vaseline £1.80. Then the MAC concealer and urban decay pallete are obviously on the more spendy side. A suppose its all about balance.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Why does it always rain on me...

Me trying to show the internet my blazer, and ending up looking like a plonker. My hair is extremely messy and no, it hasn't been ombred.. its actually my roots growing out, but I actually quite like it:)
Trying to do my boyfriends little sisters hair. She's a fidget and hates anyone doing anything to her hair, thus this is quite an achievement.

After dropping a Lush an email about a dodgy sunnyside bubble bar, they sent me some goodies! I didn't expect anything free and it was nice of them:) It included this baby above, of which I got a sample of when I first got into lush so its got good memories:)

He got it, £40 off ebay. Im proud and spoilt:)

79p puzzle from oxfam was defeated this afternoon. Ive been really into puzzles recently and the cheaper the better:)

A puff pastry pie I pimped. Cause thats how I roll.. get it... you roll pastry. GOD im soo funnY!:)

Cheese straws I made. Yeh, they were yum!

Urgh! It turns out the second interview involved me and another interviewe and a worker trecking across the city, literally the entire city and trecking around the area cold calling. We didn't have badges and had to stand at the gate. In the cold and rain, with our " bussiness" wear. I didn't even know where I was, so I had to wait 4 hours till I actually found a familar location and called me dad. I didn't even know what we were gonna do and found out we'd have to go to the office, leave and go door to door for 9 hours, then go back to the office.

Despite the very traumatic and cold experience( My feet didn't warm up for several hours) ive had a nice last couple of days.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Review: Lush up you gets emotibomb

To say I was disapointed is a understatement. Im sorry Lush but I don't get it. I used half of this in the shower a couple of days ago and it did indeed fizz, however I couldn't smell anything. I waited, without washing so I could fully intake the smell,but it was virtually undetectable. It would have probably been better to chuck loads of happy hippy on the floor of the shower!


Review: Lush Big Shampoo

Big Shampoo was one of those products which I always wanted, but couldnt not justify the expenditure. I got a small pot of it in a mini set Lush did in Jan 2010 and loved it, but at a couple pennies short of £10, I didnt want to commit to it. I then got a sample, to give it a whirl again and after loving it, I decided I would wait until the christmas sale and ( I assumed it would be the old format) and buy it then. It wasn't and I was disapointed.
But then my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and this little beauty popped into my brain. Rosie( The bessie) was a lush fan and so didn't have a clue what it was and where it would be in the shop, so she was clever and decided to get me vouchers instead. Clever rosie:)
I then bought Big!
Its amazing. It makes my hair feel clear and refreshed, smells lovely and citrusy and is completly unique. It lasts a while( ignore the amount used, i decanted a load for my sister) and is one of my fav Lush products.
I wouldn't however repurchase. If they sold it in a smaller pot then I would be straight on it, however unfortuntely its a big commitment.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Wake me up before you go go....

Teenage chelsey , I look happy:)
Baby Chelsey:)
I wanted to do a post for my nanny today,as it would have been her birthday. But, I found myself wanted to feature my grandad too.
I hate a rough couple of years in sixthform and with two of my grandparents dieing within a year of each other most people would agree. My nan died when I was 17, the first grandparent I lost and it was a complete shock. She had food poisoning and one thing lead to another and she unfortunately ended up dieing. I walked round in a daze, forcing myself to carry on with my life for fear of falling into a self-perpetuating doom. Although it was in the summer, I had 6thform work to do and work experience to carry out.
Then in april 2010, just before my exams my grandad died( not her husband), my dad's dad. He had suffered a stroke when I was 14 and near enough fully recovered, but had another stroke a month after my nan died.
He would never recover fully and this throat was paralysed meaning he couldnt talk, eat or walk. It was absolutely heart breaking. My sister recently had a tooth out and her inability to talk was much like grandads.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When he died, it was almost expected. He was in pain and a brain hemmorage was his maker. It wasn't till this summer where everything had hit me. As I had been so busy I hadn't hit me and I found myself mourning two people.

I loved my grandparents alot and Im both saddened and happy they stayed so long in my life. Sad as im old enough to understand but happy I had them for so long. Many of my friends had lost grandparents many moons ago.

Grandad was 91 when he died, an amazing feet and was married to me nan 70 years. They had been together since my nan was 13 and I smile at their commitment and dedication to eact other.
My Nan died at 76 and was with my grandad for 52 years. Another amazing amount of time.

This post is not to depress you, in anyway shape or form. Its to show you to appreaciate life! See your grandparents, siblings and relations. Lifes far to short to hold grudges and be angry.


Dont you ever ever feel..

Marty, sisters dog, being marty

My sisters wedding photographer wanted to take some pics of my sisters dress for a postcard and because it doesn't fit kirsty anymore, I was put up for it. Cue me standing next to a tree, with her husband( who I barley knew) in the freezing cold.
OPI teenage dream, my guilty( and secret) treat:)

Bag- £3 Primark ( supposed to be £7!)
Eyeliner and brush-Maybelline £5.99
MUA lipgloss in shade 5 £1

I went for an interview today for a marketing company. A bit of a change from boots and but exicitng nevertheless.
Im not saying I know nothing, but my knowledge of marketing is limited. Most of it is from my general interest of adverts and a bussiness GCSE.

I began taking photos for the post with a ( I went shopping as I thought it went horrible)small shopping spree but after taking the photos I recieved a call( que happy face).
Im onto the second interview!
I have to go around with someone meeting clients and taking notes, yeh.... this is when Im gonna fall.
Atleast ive got a chance:)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Who will be my valentines?:(

I had one, he just failed to get me a card or flowers. Infact, I was treated to a small shopping trip. Although some would say it was very nice of him to treat me to a shopping trip(£30 limit) I can't help but feel it was bit of a cop out. It meant he had to do nothing, wereas I trawled the shops and the internet for extremely thoughtful gifts. Adding to that, I saw a lovely card and he said he was gonna get it for me, and some roses.

I don't mean to sound selfish. I just rather have a big bunch of flowers and a card. He even went up the city of saturday, so he could have got me the card and we didn't go out till 12 yesterday so he could ave popped upto tescos and got me a bunch of flowers. Pure lazyness and lack of thought.

Don't get me wrong, I love him alot and its been nearly 6 months, but I baked him cakes, made him a keyring, bought him a dvd he really wanted, an awesome book, a CD which he had been lusting after and various guitar bits.

I dunno, tbh I felt I needed to vent. I think we should all vent a bit more on our blogs , you get completely unbiased views, or even no feedback and you feel like youve got a load off.
On a lighter note, this is what I got:)
Primark Bag- £6
Topshop lip polish in Coral £6
Gosh holligraphic nail polish - £2.49

Ex-factor £1.99 Floating island-£3.60


Zara basic blazer. Orignally £50 reduced down to £15. Fits me like a glove and excately what I was looking for :)!

He then bought a fred perry jacket. Yeh most will know that these are not cheap and granted it was a sale, but he spent double on himself in the end. Its funny, because I haven't managed to get a job yet, and he has one he has said that if i really want or need anything then I just ave to ask, but he then makes a massive deal out of it. I should just not care and ask but im not that cheeky.

However, to make up for the lack of flowers or card, he said he would buy me the Urban decay naked pallete off ebay for our anniversary next week. Lets hope he does, not even for me, but to just almost prove it to himself that he is a considerate boyfriend. He knows hes crap sometimes, but im gonna continue training him:)

Hope you had a good day, and those who a single just be glad you don't have to train any boyfriends:) X

Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's not all that and a bag of chips...

I think alot of people tend to focus on the positives when it comes to reviews and it is understandable. We wouldn't want to think we had wasted money and so we brush over the flaws and go on blissfully unaware. This will focus on some products which like the title says, arn't all that amazing.

1. All that glitters eyeshadow from MAC.

Now, im not saying this isn't beautiful, and I do love it alot. Its just ive heard people complain that it doesn't work for them and I can see why. In the shop it looks a lot more brown and paler, but in reality its almost a glittery light brown orange. Many have gone insane over it and yeh, its lovely but other colours are far more beautiful..... like vanilla and scene.

2. Lush's the Comforter bubble bar.

Everyone seems to rave about this, as if it the best thing since sliced bread, but for me its not. I hate blackcurrent scents, they make me gag and I can't even have the beast near me. Its a shame, as I know others love it, its just not for me. Image off google

3. Yankee candles

I used to buy the little tarts and samplers and was happy enough. But when comparing prices and sizes, they are crazy expensive! If you go in T.K Max they have massive candles, beautiful scents and often a third of a price of a Yankee candle. I have only ever bought one large one, and the only reason I purchased it, was because it was on sale.

I would include a photo but I am hungry and well, lazy:)

I hope you found this usefull and mabye it might spure you into a self evaulation. Sometimes its good, you truly realise what you actually want and what you want just because of the hype surrounding it. When I first started this blog and focused on Lush reviews I realised that alot of my purchases was due to others saying it was amazing and writing reviews helped me make good decisions when I went to Lush again.