Saturday, 29 January 2011

Review:Honey Bee Bath ballistic

At ( Lush website is down but I think its neary £3) it is one of the more expensive ballistics Lush carries, however its extra qualities, in turn make it more of a treat.

Because it has rhassoul mud imbedded in it, its like a spar in a bath!

The scent is amazing, with its clear honey and toffee notes which lingers on the skin, it is a definate winner!

  • It is very moisturising.
  • The scent is yummy.
  • Atractive, like a bee.


  • It turns the water yellow, which reminded me why I never got in kiddie padling pools, some child would always pee! A little off putting.

  • The mud accumulates at the bottom of the bath after the water has gone. Which means after a nice relaxing bath, I have to clean it, making it not always worth it.


I have re-purchased and probably would again. If it required less cleanin thne it would definately go up a point or too!

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Review: MAC Eyeshadow in OOPMH

I know,another MAC review,but the next will be lush:) Promise :)

OOPMH eyeshadow is a rich forest green, excately what I was looking for when I ventured into MAC yesterday. Im always looking for a good quality forest green, it was at the top of my list, and any I found looked more like an olive, or a khaki green, which I really didn't want. I nearly bought a khaki, giving in, but I discovred OOMPH.

It is part of the Mickey Contractor collection currently in MAC, thus its limited edition! So if it does take your fancy, youve got to me swift!

It is a veluxe pearl, meaning its creamy and easy to blend, probably my favourite finish from MAC.

It has a lovely sheen and despite being deep and rich, I was not scared of application, as because it blends so easy, I know if I make a mistake I can just blend it out:)

If your looking for a forest green, with an amazing texture then get your bum down to MAC! It retails for £11.50:( But, quality comes at a price:)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Another amazing giveaway!

Link is HERE

Review: MAC Lady gaga viva glam lipstick

The MAC viva glam gaga lipstick has caused somewhat of a hype over the last year, and despite only venturing back to MAC( after aquiring a couple of bits years ago) I did noticed the popularity of the lipstick in question.
This is the first proper pink from the viva glam line, as its focus is mainly on reds and nudes, so the novelty of Gaga's name being on it was not the thing which caused a riot.
I had heard that it sold out in many parts of America , however now after the hype has died now, I have only just decided to get it?!
The great thing about this lipstick is that the proceeds go directly to MACs viva glam charity!
Now, many people have made many claims, insisting it looks like this... or that... or very similar to ...! But in reality, in search for the colour in question, they end up spending more money on other products, which arn't the same and no money goes to charity. It doesn't make sense!?
At the end of the day, its a bubblegum pink, toned down and cool toned.Its a lustre finish so its sheer,and buildable which works in your favour and it means its not intense.
People have compared it to Rimmels pink pout(pics above) but in real life, they look nothing alike. Pink pout is warmer, darker and more pigmented, meaning less wearable and dryer.
It is limited edition, so if you like, then you might want to have a gander!


A little story about a girl named Chelsey

When I was around 14/15 I really developed an interest in make-up.
I would buy virtually anything, the cheaper the better and over the past 4/5 years I have developed a rather large( unused collection).

When the new year arrived I dediced to have a clear out, and gave away probably 90% of my stash. It felt amazing! But it left me with little left.

I decided instead of wasting my money, or buyin 3 eyeshadows for £10, id develop and good quality set of beauties, focusing on MAC and Urban Decay.

Ladies, meet my new and stupidly expensive obession.! I get strangely addicted to buying certain items, seeking comfort in building collections.

Lush, still is present and firmly within my heart, and expect to see reviews of both Lush and make-up. Moans and groans.


Monday, 24 January 2011


English Lit retake is over!
Unfortunately, I don't think Ive done any better, but atleast I have given it my best shot!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How does your garden grow?

Very well.

So what did people buy in the Lush sale?
I rushed there on my work break, and I wish I bought more in reflection, I was just trying to be careful, but I have a whole load of regret now:(

Also, ive been getting up at 5 every morning to Dog sit my sisters puppy, and this has meant I havent been able to ave a bath or a decent shower in tooooo long!

But... Good News! Ive been offered an interview for a permenant position in accesorize!


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Where have you beenn?!

Working, full time as a Christmas temp at boots!
I loved it, and I was even put on the beauty counter which was rather a big bonus.
This unfortuantely meant that I wasted probs half of my wages , within the store as of course, I can't resist a lovely perfume or a unique nail polish.
While I had a good time, and really enjoyed myself, I picked up a few things which people may find useful when picking a perfume up for people in the future:)

If lookin for a fragrance for a older lady, there are 3 brands which have most definately stuck out.
  1. Cacharel- Amor Amor, Anais anais and Noa.
  2. Chanel no.5
  3. Estee lauder- White linen.

Second tip-

If buying for a person and your unsure whether they might like it, tell them to pop into a perfume counter and test it on themselves before they open the fragrance, as its likely most shops won't accept a return once a product is used.

Popular perfumes for teen girls-

  1. Britney Spears- Midnight fantasy and circus
  2. All of the Christina Aguilera fragrances
  3. Beyonce heat
  4. Various ghost scents

If your unsure of where a fragrance is don't be shy and not ask the assistants, the chances are they are happy to help,and might save you loads of time if they don't stock it.

And finally, usually there are offers on, so see if you can hold out on getting something if its full price, it was horrible sellinng perfumes which were once £1o and now £28

Hope this helped:)


Lush Favs!

Whilst watching various youtube videos and scouring Lush's facebook page I decided to create a Lush favourites post, choosing one variety of every product. Of course I haven't tried everything which means there are limitations to this post, but I thought it would be good to evaulate the last year in which my addiction for Lush has bloomed.


Bath Ballistic- Butterball
BubbleBar- Gingerbread house
Soap- Honey I washed the kids
Showergel- Snow Fairy
Shampoo- Big
Conditioner- American cream
Cream- Dream cream
Facewash- Angels on bareskin
Massage bar- Strawberry fields forever
Handcream- Helping hands
Bath Melt- Mmm
Emotibomb- Up you gets

And thats about it I think, it was actually hard to wittle certain categories down, and its odd because I suppose a scent field has emerged, warm and edible type scents perhaps.

My boyfriend ended up getting me stardust btw:)