Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lush Review: Matryoshka

Yes, I did buy it, I couldn't help it, it called to me, like a whisper from a lover. Ok, not that much.. but it smelled yummmy....... and I was nackered:)
It costs £9.95 which intially looks expenisve, but ive worked it out..and its not really any more expensive than any other soap.
The doll includes 195g of So white soap, and lets assume that it costs around £3 for 100g as most lush soaps are around that, thats means theres about £6 worth of soap.
Then theres the so white bath ballistic, around £2 and the cinder bath ballistic also around £2.
Which equalls £1o..ish:)
The soap is better than the bath ballistic, smells more fresh and less dust:)
Its almost creamy, not what you would expect from a fruity soap.
  • The soap is worth the money, as you can not purchase it any other way.
  • It is unique, not like any other lush scent.
  • The ballistics are flatter, meaning it will be easier to break.


  • You can't purchase the soaps any otherway.
  • The ballistics seem a bit smaller.

I would not purchase again, simply because I think its going to take me a while to use it all up, but it is definatly a good idea:)



Friday, 3 December 2010


I gots me a job!:)
I started today, the usual health and saftey nonense meant I was on a computer for 4 hours!:(
Then I was put onto the shop floor and tills, bearing in mind ive never worked a till before I made millions of mistakes:( But I got the hang of it:)

I was nackered by the end, as i expected the day was just going to be watching videos.. nooooo chance.
Im working full time, so i work 6 days a week 10.30 till 4 and 10-7 on thursday. My first ever job and ive thrown myself in the deep end... but it means money:D

After my shift I needed a treat and lush called me to.. reviews soon:)