Friday, 25 March 2011

The sun has got his hat on..

Ive actually been trying to compose a blog post for a couple of days now, and for some reason everything with in HTML and I am far from a HTML expert thus every attempt I made to make a post, I swiftly gave up. Today however I uploaded all of the photos and worked out a way to seperate and view them in Preview, to find out had been on " Edit HTML". Yeh Im a genuis. Ive been pretty busy again, stayed at Lincoln for the weekend ( its amazing btw) and then since then been trying to sort finance, get jobs and sort my life out a bit. Good news however! Ive landed myself a temp job, payed weekly so I won't be poor!

A trip up asda( after said job offer) led me to treat myself to the above mascara, on offer for £6 and this rather fetching matching lipgloss, its a lovely summer coral colour:)

I also dyed my hair brown! My natural colour is a mousey blonde/brown and since I just 17 ive been having it professionally highlighted blonde. It was rather a big step to dye it brown but im super happy with it. My nan and mum, are not so much....but my boyfriend loves it:) My sister and her husband were the only ones who knew so it was rather a suprise. However my boyfriend knew ive been wanting to dye it as I can't afford the highlights. My dad says I look older, and a bit more professional so thats always good:)

The hotel room after I'd tidyed my sisters mess. Top is from hollister and the jeans are a new addition from Primark in Lincoln.

The beautiful cathedral. Unfortunately you had to pay to walk around it, but lucky for us it was far more lovely from the outside:)


Friday, 18 March 2011

Im rubbish, I think we are all aware of this, people come to expect it of me, I either do a stupid amount of posts or non at all. I gots skills....Within this random post , there are pics of outfits , rings/bracelets along with a rather fetching photo of me right now. When I say fetching I mean end-of-day-messy-face-bad-make-up-sexyness.

Looking a bit more presentable without Pjs on. The dress is from Primark last year but is scandelously short so its always paired with shorts or leggings. Belt also primark and Cardi I think was from good old Asda.

White ring is from H'n'm, I wear it alot and its love. Beetle ring is from Asos, only £1.50 and free next day delivery, we all love a bargain. It freaks my sister out which is always a bonus for me.

Disney couture bracelet( Think of a wonderful though) Its one of my favourite bracelets and means alot to me as I bought in memory of my nan:)

Both Cardi and dress from H'n'm last year, with a Primark belt from this year.

Im off to Lincoln tommorw, checking out the Uni and city and it looks like im going to be off there soon. I was in two minds whether to go to Uni. I wanted to see if I could get a permenant job but its not looking likely and it would be silly not to go. Im still waiting on my results, my old school is rubbish. GR!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Im not calling you a liar, so don't lie to me....

As I sit here munching away on pizza hut pizza(NOMS) I try to think why I haven't blogged,but to be perfectly honest I have no idea why I haven't. I think I just got side tracked, lost on the road of the weekend. I suppose, it was both of my parents bdays this weekend , so kind of an excuse.... i just forgot.
But I have been doing things..

Like munching this :)

Lusting after this..

And jamming on this( Click the pick to listen to it on the old youtube:) ) or here


Thursday, 10 March 2011

You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes

Instead of posting an outfit everday ive decided to compile them together. Ive now also been given a tripod,as thats why the last one is better quality and its easier to see what im wearing.

Dress-Newlook £2
Cardi- Asda £5
Belt- Primark- £1

T-shirt- Hollister £12
Cardi- Tescos £10
Blazer- Zara £15
Jeans-Primark- £8
Bag-Primark £3
Bracelet- Temple in HK
Scarf- Market £5
I am aware of the stupid face, yes I don't know how to pose.
Top- H'n'm £20
Skirt- H'n'm- £4
Cardi- Asda £10
Dress-Primark £4
3/4 Sleeve- Hollister £20

Jumper-Primark £10
Jeans- Asda £16.
Today was a casual day, filled with job hunting and crafty things.
Hope you enjoyed

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Channelling the inner twiggy

When Kate and Will get wed, my sister is having a jubliee style 1950s party where the dress code is something iconically British/English. I originally wanted to be a animal of somekind, but I knew getting a bulldog costume would be expensive and hard.
Then I thought about Maggie T( Thatcher), but I didn't want people to think I liked her, cs I believe, she screwed this country over, now im waiting devilish Dave to ruin us.
So, after googling make-up, actress british, Twiggy came up. I really wanted something fun and cheap and this works:) I still need to perfect her iconic look and customise a shift dress I have in my wardrobe but im getting there.
What do you think?

We wish you an Merry International womens day and pancake day!

Upon venturing on google I noticed it was not only pancake day,but International womens day! I studied womens rights at AS level and so feel a little bit linked to this special day. Women fought to be equal and we still arn't! BOO you men!

Ive never given up anything for lent. This is the first year in 15 years when I havent been at school, and my only reason to not give up the traditonal chocolate was it was far to pratical for school. But, im still not going to give it up. I would forget and eat it, but I am going to not purchase certain things. Of course lipstick and lipgloss should be one of them, but unfortunately there are 2/3 ones which I want now, and theres not point saying im not going to buy them, cause as soon as I have money Im going to buy them:)

These are the things Im not going to buy:
Eyeshadows. I have enough, and i don't need/want any =]

Candles, with an exception for others, as my bessie has her eye on almond cookie
Blush and Bronzers, I don't need a bajillion like most people, and just cause its preety doens't mean I have to buy it.... even if it calls me.
Jewellery, yeh I know, crazyyy

So I hope you all have had a good pancake day. I made 4, 3 for dad and one for me. I make pancakes all year round as im quite good at them, so theres no much excitement attached to the day for me:(

Monday, 7 March 2011

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

Taking into account ive been up the city 3 times in 3 days I haven't spent much money. Saturday I ventured with my mum and she bought me a couple of things, as a thank-you for tagging along. She bought the MUA lipstick in shade 13 which seems to be everywhere over youtube currently. I Like the colour and due to its undertone, it makes me teeth look white:)
She also bought the stickers for me. To cut a long story short recently ive been making various craft things to sell at a craft fair in a couple of months and I think these hearts will look amazing on a bday card:)

On Sunday I ventured with the big sis and ended buying the opal and gold ring from H'n'm and the eyeshadow brush. I originally wanted the turquoise one, and still do but decided to go for the opal as its a bit more subtle. The brush is amazing, with a slated eyeliner side and an awesome dense eyeshadow blending brush, Im very happy with my £1.99 purchase.
Of course I bought glamour. I wanted the mascara but searched at least 6 shops and decided on this. I really like it :)

Things I want..

I went to see Rango today, was very good:)