Saturday, 27 November 2010


My boyfriend, had bought me lush for Chrimbo!
I was already aware that he was buying me some Snow fairy, which resulted in him telling me because he was pleased with himself:) 500G!
Then he let it slip that he got me a gift. Then, that it was £20-£30. So off i trawled to the lush times and the only ones which didnt have blackcurrenty things and the Olive branch(which he knows I don't like) where Truly Scrumptious and Stardust.
He asked me to say my favs and it has been confirmed it is one of the above! Eep!
This is my first proper beast of a gift from lush. I secretly hope its Stardust as it has Iced Wine, Lip dip, suger plum fairy scrub and twlight which i havent tried and i want to, and has snow fairy, angel delight and candy cane, all of which i like:) CROSS FINGERS:)



Cue a very blurry pic of my wellies! These are some outfits over the last week or so. Im all for comfort and thus during winter I put little effort into what I wear because Im going to be wearing a coat over it anyway:)
Wellies from Shoe zone - £12.99.
Warm and possibly the most boring outfit in the world.
Dress- Primark - £9ish
Scarf- Random stall- £5ish
Cardi- Tesco- £10
Headband- Primark- £1.50
Roots which need to be done but kinda of looking ok at same time- Priceless:)

Manic Facial expression-Priceless
Dress-Circa 2006 roughly-Primark- God knows aha:)
Cardi- Asda- £8
Various bracelets- Newlook

I was unaware at the time, that my clothes were wrinkled, the hobo look clearly.
Dress and Cardi from Primark - Cardi was £5, dress was sisters.

Scarf-accesorizze- Price unknown
Dress-Primark- £7ish
Cardi- Asda- £6

These are very boring outfits, because I wasn't really doing much:( I was most likely wearing button earings in most of these and my gold leaf ring, but sadly the gold leaf ring broke, bloody TopShop.!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Busy Bee...BUZZ!

Good news my fellow bloggers, I am in the middle currently of three interviews!
Ive been applying for jobs since September with literally no luck. Unfortunatly I decided that during 6thform I wouldn't get a job, which woud give me a better chance of getting a better grade. This meant I had only school work experience. Few employers gave me a chance and so I sent out a bajillion CV's across the city in which I live.

I got 3 interviews.

I know this does not seem much, but Im so pleased people are giving me a chance. I can't wait to have a wage and spend it all on clothes and LUSH!

Ive already had one today, and now im waiting in for the next, unfortuantly, one was in the city centre, and the other in the complete opposite direction.

I also got some wellies! Ive been taking lots of Ootd's recently and im sure the wellies which feature soon.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Random Ramble Sunday

I thought the best way to describe my weekend, was to insert a couple of drunken pics.
At the time I considered myself to be sober, I was wrong..
As a recent addition to the alcoholic consumption market I find that I often don't realise how drunk I am, until the next day, when I see the pics and have a lovely day where I feel like I could be sick at any moment. YUM!
I also find that people don't understand that it is a whole new world for me. Although I am 19 next month, I didnt venture out of my comfort zone, or consume more than one unit of alcohol until August,making me still a novice. I like having a leiant curfew because that means I am able to go home at a reasonable time without being pressured to stay.
Last night I didn't have a time to be in , thus I was pressured into staying, longer than I ever wanted. No one likes the be the party pooper.
But I got home safe, so thats all that matters. I have found however that I shouldn't drink vodka anymore and that I need to not care what people think, and stand up for what I believe in.
P.S As a poor young lady I decided that I needed to cut down abit on expenditures. For nearly 2 years I used Revlon Colourstay as my foundation and at £12 , it was definatly not cheap. It was also a bit pink for me, which make me look ghostly white in photos and I took comfort in wearing scarfs, just in case my face didnt match my chest. I then moved on to a old favourite in Dream matte Mousse and although I liked it, if i touched my face it would come off and I looked too matte. Plus, it was still £8. A saving but not a massive one.
I then bought another old favourite Rimmel Lasting Finish. This was the first foundation I ever bought and i remembered why I used it for 2 years. it covers well, looks reasonably natural and costs only £6.12 in boots. It matchs my neck as you can see by pics and im chuffed:) Im going to go to boots tommorw and definatly stock up, if the 3 for 2 offer in on that is:)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ramble Scramble Monday

Everyone and there mums have some kind of weekly summary and I think they are really interesting so Im jumping on the already spilling-over-full wagon and join in:)

  • Im getting back into doing work , with overall productiveness reasonably high.
  • Im super dooper loving the warm headband things which are roaming around now. I found one in Primark for £1.50 and its hardly left my head. It means I dont have to sort my fringe out and my ears are nice and warm:)
  • I sent out 20 + newly reformed and beautiful CVs a couple of days ago, so hopefully I will hear something back from them soon.. funds are super low.
  • With my christmas money I bought posssibly the nicest shoes ever! I know its early for Christmas money, but I get it early cs ive got my birthday money for after Christmas. There high shoes but boots, perfect for winter but they won't get an outing until the big day!
  • Its rudddy cold! Crazzzzzy!


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dear Santa...

Ive been very good this year:)

Basically, this is what ive asked for for Christmas of various people. Its rather a random list and is not enirely lush obessed.

Just Dance 2
Accesorize perfume
A lava lamp
Snowglobes(particularly disney store beautys)
And a coat, which I already have but is saved for Crimbo.

In reflection, most of these requests have been dealt with by my mum, so I havent a clue what the Bessie, boyfriend or Sister is gonna get me. Im sure my sister will ask me the day before( not the most organised person in the world.)

Nor is my boyfriend either, this shall be intersting aha:)


Current wishlist

Things I currently need/want:)
Camel coloured skinny trousers under £30.
Some tailoured shorts, preferably brown.
A pair of new boots.
Gingerbread house
Think Pink
Ocean salt
Lil Lush Pud
Big shampoo
and two front teeth:)

Review:Gingerbread house bubble bar

This is one of my favourite looking bubble bars. And this picture does it no justice.
Ginger doesn't scream out on this one, and I find it to have more of a bakery scent.

  • Smells nice:)
  • Bath turn't a nice light orange colour.
  • Bubbles lasted for the whole bath.


  • The bubbles are small, tiny in comparison to Candy cane and the volume of the bubbles was considerably less.
  • It was kinda hard and hard to crumble, but is not old.

It smells and looks amazing so im probs gonna buy it again, or the boyfriend may:) He let it slip that he was on the Lush webiste last night, Muuuahaha:)



A bit better...

Ive had a horrible cold, of which two days I found myself virtually bed ridden for two days. Problem is my nose has not stopped running and am still enduring frequent cough attacks.

Now, the problem with a cold, is that the sense of smell is virtually eradicated meaning that Ive had two baths since this cold first started, thus no reviews.

I did use Gingerbread house..and Satusumo Santa ( The big jolly santa definatly helped) but again, my limited sense of smell and fuzzy head meant I can hardly remember what each bath was like. Sorry:(

I did however venture to Lush yesterday with the Mother. Ive set a good example this year and my Christmas shopping has been completed and have encouraged my mum to get it all done soon aswell:)Sooo, I asked her if I could have some Lush for Christmas:)

Now, I bet your going to think that I got lots of Christmas items, but I did not.:)

I got.... showergel aha:)

Well, I got 250ml of Snow Fairy
250ml of Happy Hippy
£3's worth of Snowglobe soap
and a Candy cane:)

Im hoping the boyfriend ventures into lush as its Christmas and my birthday coming up, so he can get me more bits and bobs:)

Additonally, im hoping they have the after Christmas sale too so I can get more things, and freebies:)

ALSO! As you know Im a big fan of almonds and the range lush have, but smitten hand cream smells like sweat to me! Anyone feel the same? Or is it my weakened sense of smell?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Im ill, erghh. I hate being ill and unproductive, its actual shizz. Be back sooN!