Thursday, 10 March 2011

You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes

Instead of posting an outfit everday ive decided to compile them together. Ive now also been given a tripod,as thats why the last one is better quality and its easier to see what im wearing.

Dress-Newlook £2
Cardi- Asda £5
Belt- Primark- £1

T-shirt- Hollister £12
Cardi- Tescos £10
Blazer- Zara £15
Jeans-Primark- £8
Bag-Primark £3
Bracelet- Temple in HK
Scarf- Market £5
I am aware of the stupid face, yes I don't know how to pose.
Top- H'n'm £20
Skirt- H'n'm- £4
Cardi- Asda £10
Dress-Primark £4
3/4 Sleeve- Hollister £20

Jumper-Primark £10
Jeans- Asda £16.
Today was a casual day, filled with job hunting and crafty things.
Hope you enjoyed


  1. Love your scarf in the second photo - I have a few like it and wear them so much! x

  2. Thanks:)I went through a stage of buying loads, I think I have at least 6, woops:)x