Friday, 18 March 2011

Im rubbish, I think we are all aware of this, people come to expect it of me, I either do a stupid amount of posts or non at all. I gots skills....Within this random post , there are pics of outfits , rings/bracelets along with a rather fetching photo of me right now. When I say fetching I mean end-of-day-messy-face-bad-make-up-sexyness.

Looking a bit more presentable without Pjs on. The dress is from Primark last year but is scandelously short so its always paired with shorts or leggings. Belt also primark and Cardi I think was from good old Asda.

White ring is from H'n'm, I wear it alot and its love. Beetle ring is from Asos, only £1.50 and free next day delivery, we all love a bargain. It freaks my sister out which is always a bonus for me.

Disney couture bracelet( Think of a wonderful though) Its one of my favourite bracelets and means alot to me as I bought in memory of my nan:)

Both Cardi and dress from H'n'm last year, with a Primark belt from this year.

Im off to Lincoln tommorw, checking out the Uni and city and it looks like im going to be off there soon. I was in two minds whether to go to Uni. I wanted to see if I could get a permenant job but its not looking likely and it would be silly not to go. Im still waiting on my results, my old school is rubbish. GR!

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