Saturday, 5 March 2011

A few facts..

Today I thought I would do a little post with a few random facts about myself. Non are amazingly revolutionary, and you probs won't find it very interesting, but you may be nosey like may and indulge in noseyness:)
My oldest piece of make-up is this free eyeshadow from 17. It actually lasted longer than the thing I bought. Its a beautiful neautral which has lasted me many years.

Me and my bestfriend on our recent trip to a bowling photo machine. We used to hate each other, I thought she was one of "those" horrible popular girls, but in reality she was just shy and when we got forced to sit next to each other, we realised we are incredibly similar. Shes the only real friend who ive stayed in contact with after school, our third muscuteer( who shall not be named) has made no attempt to contact us( despite attempts from us) . Leaving education truely shows who your friends are. The said above photo was actually fueled by alcohol. Lucky for us, our local whetherspoons has a bowling alley down the road, cue photoshoot and drunken dance mat time.

Im a bit of a history freak and love learning. Ive studied both periods in depth, but a good non fiction never did anyone harm:)

This is my family at my sisters wedding. Notice, im nearly the tallest(no heels) and look nothing like my dad. Im very close to my family and they are extremely important to me.

Me and my sister are insanely close. Despite the 7 year age difference, we are very similar people. She lives 5 mins away so im always venturing round and some, can't tell who is older:)

I love photography, this is part of a project which focused on my ancestry and older generations.

I hope this interested you in some way:)

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