Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We wish you an Merry International womens day and pancake day!

Upon venturing on google I noticed it was not only pancake day,but International womens day! I studied womens rights at AS level and so feel a little bit linked to this special day. Women fought to be equal and we still arn't! BOO you men!

Ive never given up anything for lent. This is the first year in 15 years when I havent been at school, and my only reason to not give up the traditonal chocolate was it was far to pratical for school. But, im still not going to give it up. I would forget and eat it, but I am going to not purchase certain things. Of course lipstick and lipgloss should be one of them, but unfortunately there are 2/3 ones which I want now, and theres not point saying im not going to buy them, cause as soon as I have money Im going to buy them:)

These are the things Im not going to buy:
Eyeshadows. I have enough, and i don't need/want any =]

Candles, with an exception for others, as my bessie has her eye on almond cookie
Blush and Bronzers, I don't need a bajillion like most people, and just cause its preety doens't mean I have to buy it.... even if it calls me.
Jewellery, yeh I know, crazyyy

So I hope you all have had a good pancake day. I made 4, 3 for dad and one for me. I make pancakes all year round as im quite good at them, so theres no much excitement attached to the day for me:(

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