Friday, 25 March 2011

The sun has got his hat on..

Ive actually been trying to compose a blog post for a couple of days now, and for some reason everything with in HTML and I am far from a HTML expert thus every attempt I made to make a post, I swiftly gave up. Today however I uploaded all of the photos and worked out a way to seperate and view them in Preview, to find out had been on " Edit HTML". Yeh Im a genuis. Ive been pretty busy again, stayed at Lincoln for the weekend ( its amazing btw) and then since then been trying to sort finance, get jobs and sort my life out a bit. Good news however! Ive landed myself a temp job, payed weekly so I won't be poor!

A trip up asda( after said job offer) led me to treat myself to the above mascara, on offer for £6 and this rather fetching matching lipgloss, its a lovely summer coral colour:)

I also dyed my hair brown! My natural colour is a mousey blonde/brown and since I just 17 ive been having it professionally highlighted blonde. It was rather a big step to dye it brown but im super happy with it. My nan and mum, are not so much....but my boyfriend loves it:) My sister and her husband were the only ones who knew so it was rather a suprise. However my boyfriend knew ive been wanting to dye it as I can't afford the highlights. My dad says I look older, and a bit more professional so thats always good:)

The hotel room after I'd tidyed my sisters mess. Top is from hollister and the jeans are a new addition from Primark in Lincoln.

The beautiful cathedral. Unfortunately you had to pay to walk around it, but lucky for us it was far more lovely from the outside:)


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