Thursday, 3 March 2011

Whats in my bag?! 1.Junk..

I change my bag everyday, depending on what I wear and where Im going. Today ventured around my Nans for the day and I didn't quite realise how much stuff carry around with, and what I accumulate during the day.

1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer. My friend bought this for me the Christmas before last and I never got round to reading it, but after being rejected from smoothie shop:( , I decided I was going to read it , and make sure I always have a book on the go. I managed 50 pages and got tierd, so had a nap:)
2.Pukka pad. I was planning on writing a blog post , but found myself feeling uninspired as I like to take photos while Im writing/reviewing something as a refresher. This, obviously goes with the Papermate black pen, my favourite black pen of choice.
3.My purse( bird). I recieved this for my birthday of my sister and its real leather. I love it and its beautiful.
4. Card purse( Cath kidson). I ordered this off ASOS after being given the bird purse which lacks card space. It fits all of my cards in and its preety:)
5. Chewits and milk bottles, my sweets of choice currently:)
6. Lush Smitten hand cream. YUM. Enough said.
7.Beyonce Heat perfume, featured in both past monthly favs.
8.Ipod, 5th generation, I think. Ive had it for nearly a year and it is one of the best things ive bought.
9. My keys, yes I do have a pink leopard print key and 2 Shakespeare key rings. I rock it like that( plus I went to stratford upon avon and went a bit Shakespeare crazy.
10. My phone, a orange rio.
11. Elf lipstick in Classy and Lacura lipstick in Rosy pink.


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