Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I think I wanna marry you..

My face and a bit of my outfit today.

Excuse the mini amount of clevage, you know you love it:)

On my nails is OPI Teenage dream and Barry M nail effects which is my favourite nail combo of the moment. Infact my mum also loved it, so I swiftly pimped her nails with the same beauty.

My scrabble necklace is probs my favourite piece of jewellery. I wanted a scrabble necklace for in the longest time and literally screamed in excitement when I was presented with this at Christmas. Its rose makes it unique from most on the market, and I think it adds something to it.

Due to the lack of camera battery ive have comindeered my mums webcam for the photos above, and the previous post. For a webcam they take preety good photos so im satisfied with the quality.

I would love a SLR, I did photography for 6 months at AS level and I loved every second of it, so im a bit picky with my photos, and it bloody iritates me when I take pics to find they are blury two hours later. I wish I didn't quit photography. The only reason I did was my 6thform was based on 3 different schools and I had to go to 2 different schools for the lesson, and not even my one. Woe is me.


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