Monday, 7 March 2011

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

Taking into account ive been up the city 3 times in 3 days I haven't spent much money. Saturday I ventured with my mum and she bought me a couple of things, as a thank-you for tagging along. She bought the MUA lipstick in shade 13 which seems to be everywhere over youtube currently. I Like the colour and due to its undertone, it makes me teeth look white:)
She also bought the stickers for me. To cut a long story short recently ive been making various craft things to sell at a craft fair in a couple of months and I think these hearts will look amazing on a bday card:)

On Sunday I ventured with the big sis and ended buying the opal and gold ring from H'n'm and the eyeshadow brush. I originally wanted the turquoise one, and still do but decided to go for the opal as its a bit more subtle. The brush is amazing, with a slated eyeliner side and an awesome dense eyeshadow blending brush, Im very happy with my £1.99 purchase.
Of course I bought glamour. I wanted the mascara but searched at least 6 shops and decided on this. I really like it :)

Things I want..

I went to see Rango today, was very good:)


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